If You Can Think It, We Can Cast It

Panurgic is your complete resources for all your custom casting and bulk production needs. From earrings and bracelets to baubles and rings, we can handle every aspect of your production from casting to finish.

If you have a drawing or an actual example of something you wish to produce, our experienced craftsmen can help bring your vision to light. We have created molds of all descriptions, from vintage pieces of jewelry that are no longer in production to seed pods found along the hiking trail. In short, through our industry leading lost wax casting process, we can create a mold from virtually any three dimensional piece, large or small.

By allowing us to focus on the tedious time-consuming process of production, you can concentrate on design, marketing and more profitable aspects of your business

So bring us your ideas. We’ll turn them into metal.



Shark Teeth Cast in Bronze

Bronze Rings

Goat Head Rings

Bronze Rings

Silver & Gold Wrapped
Wedding Rings

Skull Rings

Vintage Silver Thimbles