The Panurgic Process

How we work

As our client, you will work with a Production Services Coordinator to develop designs for reproduction. Together, they will assist you in handling every aspect of production:

  • Prototyping
  • Precision Molding
  • Casting
  • Setting and Finishing
  • Product Delivery

Your Production Services Coordinator will help guide your production projects in the following areas:

  • Design Development: Achieving attractive, repeatable designs that can be reproduced several times over by the most efficient means possible.
  • Production Methods: Determining which materials and technologies will result in cost-efficient, high-quality reproductions.
  • Fulfillment Plans:  Establishing an order fulfillment process that best suits your needs and delivery schedule. Once your jewelry has been designed and produced, you will have the option of utilizing our order fulfillment services for fast and efficient reorders.
  • Fast, Efficient Reorders: Once your jewelry has been designed and produced, we will store your mold for safe keeping. All future orders will be expertly produced to your exact original specifications.

Precise reproductions to your most exacting standards
Perfect reproductions call for perfect castings. At Panurgic, we utilize state-of-the-art products and processes to create high resolution prototypes and flawless reproductions of your designs.

You’re in good company with Panurgic

Designers and retailers trust Panurgic to produce their products because they know we’ll provide them with the same handcrafted look and feel of their original piece. They also realize that because of our experience, we have developed production and cost efficiencies that few production studios can match. These are savings that we pass along to our clients. Bottom line: it just makes sound business sense to work with Panurgic.

Is casting right for you?

Creating your own line of jewelry? Struggling to meet demand for your most popular items? Eager to earn a more profitable return on your design? Panurgic can help.

Making fine custom jewelry is our specialty. We have the talent, knowledge and experience to bring ideas to life. We have created everything from simple mated wedding rings to one-of-a-kind platinum masterpieces that are often inspired by a simple sketch.

We’ll use our design insight and technical expertise to help you produce a full product line of fine custom jewelry.  You can choose a single production process or utilize our full jewelry manufacturing capabilities, it’s entirely up to you.

  • Prototypes: We create our models using a variety of techniques, from hand fabrication to computerized milling machines.
  • Molds: We provide superbly fashioned silicone rubber molds of your designs with prices starting as low as $30.
  • Metals: Choose from more than 20 premium alloys, from brass to gold. Many of our metals are sourced from local eco-friendly metal refiners.
  • Finishing: Select from a wide variety of finishing options, including hand-polishing, satin, wire brush, matte, hammered, tumbling and other techniques.

Contact us for further information on how Panurgic can improve your custom design profitability.

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