The Birth of a Ring

Panurgic is uniquely equipped to handle every facet of your design project, from beginning to end. In the following example, a client came to us with little more than an idea and a diamond that had been in his family for several generations. Here is how we gave his precious family heirloom new life.

1. Client sees a ring that sparks his interest and brings his idea and the family diamond to Panurgic.

2. Client shares his idea with our master designers and a simple pencil sketch is made.

3. The pencil sketch is then turned into a three-dimensional drawing by way of our advanced CAD technology.

4. The CAD drawing allows client to view the future ring from every possible angle, including a dazzling bird’s eye view of the family diamond.

5. The CAD drawing provides realistic detail of every design feature before the ring is cast.

6. Panurgic’s expert craftsmen suggest a few modifications to the design and present them for client approval.

7. The final design is cast, the stone is set, and the finished ring is presented to the client.

8. And we’re guessing she said “Yes!”