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If you have always wanted to learn the art of jewelry making, now is your chance. Through quality one-on-one instruction, we will teach you basic silversmithing and jewelry making techniques, guiding you through every step of the process, from basic design to finishing. You will receive individual attention and continued support through the use of the studio, and be allowed to learn at your own pace. We’ll provide all the tools, materials and equipment needed. All you need is your curiosity and desire to learn.

Classes will be given in our Portland studio. Our studio is fully equipped for production of all the jewelry described in the courses above. We will provide all the equipment necessary to complete each project. This includes polishing machines, kiln, torches and other tools of the trade. Materials can be purchased throughout the course or all in advance. You can purchase materials on your own or through Panurgic. Silver generally runs $10-$20 per project. Gold prices fluctuate daily. The cost of each course includes an hourly instruction fee and the price of materials. Contact us to learn more.


The experts at Panurgic can teach you all the basics of jewelry making, from creating your own sketch to actual finishing. Here are a few of the basic courses we offer:

Lost Wax Casting This time honored process involves carving a ring in wax and casting it into solid metal. With this basic understanding of lost wax casting, you can also learn how to create stone settings in wax, casting in different metals, and how to finish a cast piece. The basics of casting can be taught in 2 informative sessions.

Basic Soldering In this course, you will learn the concept of joining two pieces of metal. From here, you can also learn how to resize rings, solder bezels, and solder different metals together, such as silver and copper.

Basic Mold Making Learn how to reproduce your jewelry designs using rubber molds. This class is ideal for those who wish to make multiple pieces of their custom designs.

If you’d like to learn the fine art of making jewelry or simply refine your existing skills, contact Panurgic for details on upcoming classes.

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