Complete jewelry casting services

Full Service Production From Design to Finishing

Panurgic provides complete jewelry casting services to meet your most ambitious production needs. Just as important, we have the skill and experience necessary to ensure you receive only the finest castings possible. We offer full metal production services. This includes prototyping, mold making, fabrication, casting and finishing. From one-of-a-kind pieces to bulk casting, we provide the full spectrum of manufacturing services needed to craft your designs.

You can choose a single production process or utilize our full jewelry manufacturing capabilities, it’s entirely up to you. Our clients include designers, independent jewelry stores, and retailers, all of whom share a desire to offer their customers only the finest custom-designed jewelry. Our clients consider Panurgic to be an extension of their own in-house design studio, and leverage our experience, expertise, and production efficiency to their advantage. They know that by using Panurgic as their production resource, they are able to offer their own retail customers a wider array of custom design options.

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embossed silver ring by Panurgic

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